Katharine Donnelly, Ph.D.
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Peace, relief, direction, and results are possible here.

Welcome! You have already taken an important first step by simply visiting this page. As a cognitive-behaviorally trained psychologist, I know that any pursuit is reached by setting small, manageable goals, and the beginning of a therapeutic path starts right here. If you feel like you have become stuck in patterns that are not working; if you feel like somehow an unrelenting host of invisible obstacles have kept you from moving forward with life; if you feel frustrated, desperate, miserable, or exhausted, cognitive-behavioral therapy can help to untangle the mental knots and get you started in the right direction. With 15 years of experience in helping individuals with complex cases of anxiety and mood concerns, I believe that you and I can make the load of life feel lighter, and the efforts of life work better! Explore my services on this site, and see if you agree!